About us

P & R Burbage began contracting in 1991 with a tractor and a hedge trimmer. The business steadily grew to the level that we now offer a wide range of services with specialised machinery being invested in to deliver the best quality job every time we go out. The reliability and quality of our machinery means when the window of opportunity arises we can capitalise on this with our team to get the job done, yet still delivering consistency and quality in the service.

We employ a dedicated team with the same drive and enthusiasm we have to help drive the business forward. Whilst on farm, customers will often call or talk to our staff for advice regarding what they should do to get the best out of our service. This builds key relationships not only between Peter and Richard and the clients, but also between our staff and our clients. Our staff know that when they are delivering our services, they not only represent P & R Burbage, but they also represent themselves. All our operators are competent on the machinery they use and have the skills to be able to get the most out of it.

We also have our own grassland farm on which we have a herd of suckler cows. We grow grass for grazing, silage, haylage and hay and grow maize for feeding in our winter ration. Our muck is also kept so that we can spread it about the farm, hence capitalising on its nutritional benefits, reducing our fertiliser requirements.

P & R Burbage are also members of the NAAC (National Association of Agricultural Contractors)


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